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A Celebration of the Wonder of Water

By: Marian Graves |
October 8 2019 14:26

“It is a melancholy and dampening thought that even Raquel Welch is almost 70 percent water,” says Lyall Watson, author of more than 10 books […]

where tofind an artist to draw a portrait

By: Marian Graves |
September 5 2019 12:18

To obtain a pencil portrait well one must put in detailed focus on the picture and have knowledge of the right techniques, combined with a […]

Thin Beam of Light Portraits

By: Marian Graves |
September 3 2019 11:32

I’ll show you how a small slot of light can create amazing eye catching portraits. Hello I’m Gavin Hoey and you’re watching adoramatv brought to […]

How Much Does A Pet Portrait Painting Cost

By: Marian Graves |
August 23 2019 2:11

Cost of a painting depends upon the size and number of people to be painted. A huge canvas will cost more than a small canvas. […]

star wars paintings canvas

By: Marian Graves |
July 17 2019 1:40

The web shops presently contain a number of multiple piece paintings, however nothing compares to the amazing appeal of star wars canvas artwork in the […]

The right way toPaint a Cosmetic Design on the Bla

By: Marian Graves |
May 26 2019 14:21

If you want to fly much like I do, you fully understand how large of a trouble it may be to locate your luggage in […]

Is it allowed by the law to sale oil painting repr

By: Marian Graves |
May 18 2019 10:15

Would depend how extended in the past the primary piece of art was created. Normally, copyrights increase until finally 70 many years after the artist’s […]

Could it be 100 % legal to sale oil painting repro

By: Marian Graves |
May 17 2019 18:15

Absolutely nothing inhibits you from piece of art “in the fashion” of a few other musician, neither does nearly anything prevent you from artwork precisely […]

Francoise Nielly isn’t new person to the gra

By: Marian Graves |
May 16 2019 13:42

Its abstract with funky colours. That’s my first impressions on this piece of work. It reveals dark areas where by more dark hues are, and […]

Canvases of amazing faces really are a must-see

By: Marian Graves |
May 16 2019 7:20

In her own individual way, Francoise Nielly paints a persons experience in every one of his artwork. And she paints it over and over once […]