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Monthly Archives: September 2014

The subversive stitch

By: Marian Graves |
September 30 2014 11:23

One of the most revealing aspects of Dilys Dowswell’s review of the two exhibitions which formed ‘The Subversive Stitch’ (Issue No.24), was the language she […]

The Art Consulting Service of

By: Marian Graves |
September 30 2014 11:15, a web site selling modern canvas wall art, is offering an art consulting service–free of charge–to corporate customers. Nick Chen, the president of its […]

Vandalism: the ultimate form of censorship

By: Marian Graves |
September 20 2014 7:30

During 1987, two incidents were reported to W.A.S.L. concerning vandalism and censorship. Outlining the circumstances of these incidents opens up old debates around art in […]

Women in the seven and five society

By: Marian Graves |
September 19 2014 8:55

BETWEEN 1920 and 1935 the Seven and Five Society held 14 exhibitions in London. Of its 56 members during this period, 11 were women artists. […]

Women’s art at risk …

By: Marian Graves |
September 10 2014 7:52

THE Women Artists Slide Library begins 1988 with another battle for survival. Its funding application to continue the development of its Journal has been rejected […]

The Edwardian era

By: Marian Graves |
September 10 2014 7:29

AMIDST THE posters, banners, society portraits, paintings and artefacts there is a teapot beating a frieze of famous military men and the motto: ‘Though it […]

Beatrix Potter

By: Marian Graves |
September 7 2014 9:02

THE LITTLE BOOKS, for which Beatrix Potter is best known, form just a part of a life in which she tried to achieve personal independence […]