Elevation of BC art

“Topographies: Aspects of Recent B.C. Art,” curated by Grant Arnold, Monika Kin Gagnon and Doreen Jensen, proudly announces itself as an exhibition of ninety works by forty-one artists. It is pertinent but imperfect, containing a stimulating range of oil paintings online, the excitement of new faces and the typical difficulties of large, showcase exhibitions. The … Read moreElevation of BC art

The subversive stitch

One of the most revealing aspects of Dilys Dowswell’s review of the two exhibitions which formed ‘The Subversive Stitch’ (Issue No.24), was the language she used to contrast the historical documentation of embroidery at the Whitworth Art Gallery with the work of contemporary women shown at the Cornerhouse, Manchester: the Cornerhouse show was ‘inhospitable’ by … Read moreThe subversive stitch

The Edwardian era

AMIDST THE posters, banners, society portraits, paintings and artefacts there is a teapot beating a frieze of famous military men and the motto: ‘Though it cost the best of our British blood there is no turning back’. In a case among the ornaments is an entertainment for all the family called ‘Boer or Briton: A … Read moreThe Edwardian era