The Art Consulting Service of, a web site selling modern canvas wall art, is offering an art consulting service–free of charge–to corporate customers. Nick Chen, the president of its sales department and formerly of art auction house in Xiamen, works with their customers to develop an modern art collection which really reflects the CWA’s culture. offers more than 10,000 hand-painted oil paintings by emerging and established artists from Putian, Xiamen, Shenzhen, Beijing and many other famous art cities in China. According to Nick, it would take many years of studio hunting to see as many choices, and he is very happy to save galleries search time by culling through thousands of choices to suggest artworks based on criteria that suit the company or space. Nick and his team will liaise with the artist, arrange for framing and shipping and even coordinate the installation (in Xiamen). It will be free of charge for CWA’s consulting services, and there are artworks in the collection to fit any people or client’s budget. Nick said, they are dedicated to make art affordable to every one who love art. There is also a wide range of styles and subjects–from abstract and still lifes to modern and contemporary. Popular items are their unique design of 3 piece wall art as well as inexpensive large canvas art.

Their services include:

Photo to painting service: Their artists can turn any photo into any size of painting, sales person will guide clients through the art buying process, step by step.

Selection: The sales team will review thousands of artwork choices to suggest wall art that are suitable for each budget, wall space as well as the whole home decor theme.

Customized Proposal: Prepared for decision makers of the company, which they can review (with all suggested images) at their leisure online.

Artist Coordination: will liaise with each artist in whom the client is interested.

Shipping: They offer worldwide free shipping.

Framing: All of their paintings come with two shipping option, rolled in tube and gallery wrapped which ready to hang. Customers don’t have to worry about stretching, just put them on wall while receive the package.

Installation: Installation of all artworks at client’s premises will be managed by (depending on location).

CWA also do oil painting reproductions of masterpieces as well, more information can be found at their official website.

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