People Have A Keenness About International Information

So 2008’s in the publications-sped by faster than Matt Dillon driving via the backwoods of Vermont. And now it’s 2009 and there are so numerous issues left undone: That last fifteen lbs; An unfinished novel; My dishes. Exercises are of prophylaxis nature. They can keep us absent from a variety of unhealthy elements without really … Read morePeople Have A Keenness About International Information

Analyzing Frida and Diego

In analyzing Frida and Diego (1931, San Francisco, Museum of Modern Art), the author complains that Herrera uses gender stereotypes–Rivera “the great maestro” and Kahlo “the genius’ adoring wife”–which are not necessarily hers, but almost certainly, Frida’s. For Lindauer, Frida included the caption in the painting to assert her profession as painter, when Kettermann read … Read moreAnalyzing Frida and Diego

Elevation of BC art

“Topographies: Aspects of Recent B.C. Art,” curated by Grant Arnold, Monika Kin Gagnon and Doreen Jensen, proudly announces itself as an exhibition of ninety works by forty-one artists. It is pertinent but imperfect, containing a stimulating range of oil paintings online, the excitement of new faces and the typical difficulties of large, showcase exhibitions. The … Read moreElevation of BC art

The subversive stitch

One of the most revealing aspects of Dilys Dowswell’s review of the two exhibitions which formed ‘The Subversive Stitch’ (Issue No.24), was the language she used to contrast the historical documentation of embroidery at the Whitworth Art Gallery with the work of contemporary women shown at the Cornerhouse, Manchester: the Cornerhouse show was ‘inhospitable’ by … Read moreThe subversive stitch

The Art Consulting Service of, a web site selling modern canvas wall art, is offering an art consulting service–free of charge–to corporate customers. Nick Chen, the president of its sales department and formerly of art auction house in Xiamen, works with their customers to develop an modern art collection which really reflects the CWA’s culture. offers more than … Read moreThe Art Consulting Service of